Move, beyond the detention of migrants

Partnered with other human rights organisations, Move offers socio-legal aid through its accredited visitors to migrants being held in administrative detention centres.


Through its political and advocacy work, Move wants to end the detention of migrants and reassess their right to freedom
of movement. 

Testimonies of people in detention

Bahaaeddin is 35 years old. He fled Palestine, hoping to start a new and safe life in Belgium. Yet it turned out differently. Bahaaeddin was being held for months in different administrative detention centres for migrants. The continuous noise, the lack of privacy, the fear of waiting, the uncertainty… His dream became a nightmare. The story of Bahaaeddin is the story of the 6.000 to 8.000 people being detained every year in a closed centre, not to mention the 150 000 people living in continuous fear of ending up in the same situation. These people are not criminals, but human beings at the risk of being locked up at any moment.

Assistance of people in detention

Every week, Move’s volunteers visit all detention centres (the so-called closed centres) and the detention centres for families (the family units). The visitors offer a sympathetic ear to the people in detention and assisted by Move’s legal expert, they also provide socio-legal support. Moreover, they monitor the conditions of detention and the compliance with regulations and human rights.

Our demands

We use the reports we draw from our weekly presence in detention centres and the knowledge of our legal expert to try to influence the Belgian migration policy.

Our goal is to change the practices and legislation that allow administrative detention to happen.