The employees of Move

Noémi Desguin, legal expert

For four years, Noémi worked as an immigration lawyer. Drawing on that rich experience, she often defended people in detention centres and Belgian prisons. Because she wanted to continue to legally defend this particular group, but in another way, it made sense to her to join the Move project as a legal expert. Besides her work for Move, she is also a member of the supervisory board of the prison in Saint-Gilles.


Marijn Sillis, communications officer

Marijn worked for over ten years as a freelance journalist for several Flemish media. He wrote reports and articles at home and abroad, often on migration. After more than a decade in journalism, he decided to get involved in the Move coalition.


The volunteers of Move

Lenke Slegers:  volunteer ‘testimonies’

Lenke has a diverse background: her competences consist of psychology, administration, hospitality and international cooperation. She worked for more than ten years in Uganda. Lenke is a good listener and since December 2021, she has had regular conversations with people who experienced a difficult time in detention. She relies on the bond of trust between the visitors and the people sharing their stories. The testimonies she collects are the basis of Move’s communication.

Other volunteers of JRS Belgium and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen help from time to time with the translation of documents or the conducting of research.