Who are we?

The Move coalition was founded in January 2021 as a collective initiative of Caritas International, CIRE, Jesuit Refugee Service Belgium and Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen.

These organisations have been part of a platform of Belgian NGOs that have brought together accredited visitors of detention centres as well as detention centres for families for over 20 years.

Together with its partners, Move wants to reaffirm the right to freedom of movement by changing the practices and legislation that enable administrative detention. Move wants to drastically decrease the use of detention for migration-related reasons and ultimately end this practice.


Our actions


Socio-legal aid for people in detention and the monitoring of detention centres by accredited visitors.


The development of legal expertise to better defend the rights of people in detention


Political advocacy based on observations in the field


Raising public awareness so that the issue of administrative detention is called into question

Our teams

Team ‘visitors’: the team of visitors consists of about 15 members, mainly of JRS Belgium, but also of Caritas International, Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen and Point d’Appui (member of CIRE). During our monthly meetings, Myria and Nansen join our team of visitors to stay informed about our latest experiences.

Team ‘policy’ and team ‘communication’: each of these teams consists of about 8 people (two of each founding organisation).

The steering committee: the committee is made up of the directors of the four founding organisations and sets out Move’s key strategic directions.

The employees of Move: a coordinator, a legal expert, a communications officer and a volunteer work directly for Move.

Our work cannot be done separately. Depending on the field of action, we work together with other human rights organisations to reach our goals.e


Move and its network

Move works with a variety of partners. Together, we want to revalue the right to freedom and end the administrative detention of migrants.

The four founding members are convinced that Move’s efforts will have a greater and more focused and sustainable impact as more partners get behind the project. Move therefore intends to enlist the expertise and support of other civil society actors.

The composition of the Advisory Board may evolve in the future.

Advisory Board - Active members who endorse the end of detention:
Observers in the Advisory Board:
Move is part of: