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Support for migrants in detention

The presence of NGOs is essential

Administrative detention is a restriction of the fundamental right to freedom of movement. Our NGOs try to be vigilant in the administrative detention centres for migrants. They also provide high-quality socio-legal aid to people in detention and aim to engage in constructive dialogues with the authorities in the interest of people in detention.

The visitors’ work

The visitors’ work in the detention centres and detention centres for families is based on the interests of the people in detention. They intervene only at the request of the person detained and completely respect their choice. Their work is based on 5 principles:

  • To act independently of authorities
  • To listen in complete confidentiality to people in detention, forging a relationship based on trust
  • To show respect for the wishes and choices of the people in detention
  • To act as an intermediary between people in detention who wish to be represented and the outside world
  • To witness the conditions in detention centres

Specialised and indispensable legal advice

Immigration law is complex to apply in cases of emergency, such as administrative detention. The time limits for appeals are very short and are often already exceeded when detainees speak to a lawyer. Appeals procedures are ineffective, which has led to multiple convictions in Belgium. Rapid, effective and free legal aid for people in detention is needed. Improving access to quality legal aid from detention centres, through the intervention of our lawyer, is one of Move’s top priorities.